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Saltwater Infinity Pool

Lands End features a saltwater infinity pool right next to the bar. Unlike freshwater pools, it does not require any chemicals to stabilize it or to disintegrate debris. NO chlorine, NO flock or other horrible stuff that may irritate your skin or harm the reef. You are enjoying pure ocean water, nothing else. You can even see bioluminescence at night. A 3HP pump brings the water through a suction hose directly from the ocean. When the pool is full water will flow over the edge back into the sea.

You can use the pool 24hrs at your own risk. No life guard on duty.
There is no need for a filtration system. The pump only brings in new water.
Yes, you can use the pool even if the pump is not running.

Pool cleaning time

Depending on the air temperature, ocean temperature and rain, cleaning is due every 7 – 21 days. We empty it, pressure wash it and fill it back up again. No chemicals involved. Cleaning can take 6 to 18 hours depending on the algae growth, weather conditions and other factors.

Weather related down time during stormy season

Rough seas may not allow the safe operation of the intake system. In case of waves predicted or actual 3ft or higher we will retract the suction hose. While the suction hose is out or the pump is not running you can still use the pool. The water level may drop a few inches every day. Please note that heavy seas are usually accompanied by strong winds from the north, sideways rain showers, colder temperatures, etc. – all factors that usually keep everyone out of the water. Fortunately stormy season isn’t very long, so we can guarantee our pool 9 months of the year.
For if it happens while you are our guest, rest assured that we have no reason at all to have an empty pool. It is never lack of dedication or interest. Please be patient, the weather is beyond our control. We will fill the pool as soon as conditions allow.

Why don’t you go fresh water?

1) Fresh water pools fog up during bad weather periods just the same unless heavily treated with chemicals.
2) Fresh water pools get black algae infestations which can only be treated with a lot of chemicals.
3) During storms waves can enter our pool (yes it is that close to the ocean) and replace the water with only two waves. If our pool was a fresh water pool all the chemicals would wash out into the ocean where the chemicals would seriously damage the coral reef.
4) Fresh water is a very finite resource on Roatan.

‘I don’t care, I want my pool all the time!!!’

Fair enough, there are 2 other hotels with ocean front pools in Westend. Both are ‘fresh’ water pools.