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Ocean Front / Beach Front

Lands End is a true ocean front hotel located on the wild romantic iron shore facing west. Thanks to our west location we average 365 sunsets a year. Thanks to the lack of beach sand and due to the fact that any fresh water gully is far away Lands End features the clearest ocean in Westend. Lands End is one of 2 places in Westend where you can snorkel out to the drop off in less than 5 minutes. 3 very popular dive sites are right in front of us. Every morning you can see the dive boats moor on the Marine Park bouys or pass by to dive sites further up north. It is easy to get in and out. Just use the ladder at the end of our dock.

Nope, there are hardly any currents at all. The best time to snorkel is morning until noon. Our morning east winds flatten out the sea to a mirror. In the afternoon the wind can change to north.

It is 5ft/1.5m deep at the entrance and gradually slopes down to 40ft/12m where the bouys are. A little further out and you are at edge of the wall where it drops off to 130ft/40m. From there it slopes further down to 210ft/70m to the second drop off to oblivion. If you want to see the low end of our ‘front porch’, Karl Stanley’s submarine docks 5min away from Lands End. Karl can take you to incredible 2000ft.