Q: What dates are considered high and low season?

A: High season is December 21 through May 7th. Low season is May 8 through December 20th.

Q: Are pets allowed on your property?

A: Yes. We allow small pets on our property. There is a $50 pet sanitation fee that is non-refundable and it is $20 per day of your stay. The pet sanitation fee is due at the time of the booking and the per day fee is calculated upon arrival.  We have deer on our property that are part of our family and require that all owners keep their dog on a leash when outside on the property. If your pet damages the room or any property of the room, this amount will be charged to the credit card on file but generally all of our owners are very considerate and we don't have any issues! We allow all service animals and pets under 15 pounds. Also, you may not leave your pet alone on the property if your pet barks and disturbs other guests. We may have dog-sitters available for an additional fee, but please contact us!

Q: Does Lands End offer breakfast?

A: Our incredible breakfast is served every morning at very affordable island prices.  Don't miss out! 

Q: Does Lands End have an all inclusive package?

A: Currently, Lands End does not have an all inclusive package, but we are working on implementing one for guests that prefer an all-inclusive experience!

Q: Does Lands End's rooms include air conditioning?

A: Yes! Our room rates include Air Conditioning! Our bungalow rooms do not have A/C units and are discounted for budget travelers.

Q: Does Lands End cover airport transfer in your room rates?

A: Currently, airport transfer is not included in your room rate. The official Roatan Taxi Association fare is $25 one way, $50 return per couple. If you would like us to prepare for airport transfer to Lands End, we outsource this and charge the standard rates. You may add this as a booking extra upon checkout.

Q: Does Lands End have Wi-Fi?

Yes! We have complimentary high-speed Internet through a 2MB fibre optic throughout (the best available on the island). Hot spots are currently in the Mermaid Lounge and in the Spunky Monkey Bar & Grill and accessible for free by our guests from our rooms!

Q: Do I have to pay taxes for the room?

Yes. All of our rooms are subject to 15% Honduran sales tax and 4% Roatan Tourism tax. When you book through our online system, our room rates availability are calculated before taxes. Upon payment, on your invoice, you will see the applicable taxes for your stay. All taxes are due upon arrival at Lands End.

Q: What do I have to pay for booking?

A: Lands End charges a deposit equivalent to 50% of your booking which is due at the time that you book. This 50% does not include taxes. Upon arrival at Lands End, you will tender the 50% remainder of your booking in addition to the 19% taxes calculated on the entire balance. Your balance due reflects on your invoice and reservation number.

Q: Does Lands End offer specials or discounts? Where can I find them, if so?

A: Yes! Lands End offers discounts and specials! We have these discounts available right on our booking software and will try to highlight them for our guests. We no longer use promo codes so the discount is automatic and available for all those who wish to book!

Q: What is Lands End's reservation policy?

A: Lands End reservation policy is upon booking, our guest is charged 50% of their stay excluding Honduras taxes which are due in full upon arrival at Lands End in addition to the remaining 50% balance of your booking stay. Guests may modify their reservation one time without penalty if dates or changes need to be made. We do not allow refunds for cancellations but will work with you to help you re-schedule your trip as much as we possibly can! In the event of a cancellation, your 50% deposit will not be refunded to you. However, you will not be charged for the remaining balance of your stay. Please call us so we can help you modify your reservation to  better date if you have already booked!

Q: What is the recommended occupancy rate per room and how does that work?

A: Each room has a recommended occupancy rate, which is the amount of guests that are included in the flat fee rate. As our rooms are spacious, if guests want to add an additional traveler or two to their room, they are permitted to do so at an additional charge depending on the guests age. Ages 0-2 are considered infants and are always free. Children ages 3-11 are $5 per day. Children ages 12-13 are $10 per day and 13 & up are considered adults and are $20 per day.

Q: I'm still confused about the recommended occupancy rate - can you give me an example?

A: Sure! Let's say you book a room that is $100 per night for double occupancy, but you are traveling with three adults and don't mind sharing a room. You are permitted to add another guest for $20 per night. Because free breakfast and many of our amenities are included in our room rates, this charge helps us ensure Lands End can stay in operations!

Q: What travel documents are required for me to enter Roatan?

A: Passports are required for U.S. citizens traveling to Roatan. A visa may be required for non-U.S. citizens, but everyone should check with their local immigration office to ensure they have the proper travel paperwork. Honduras currently requires that passports have 6 months validity remaining.

Q: Do I need any special kind of electrical outlet converter?

A: Roatan uses US American electric standard outlets, so if your device uses that you don't need an adapter. Voltage is 120V, actually it is moving between 95 and 116V. If your device does not have US American standard plugs, bring your adapter.  Simple European adapters (DIN, two prong, no ground) are available at a few stores in Coxen Hole for $5.  Power surges can happen when electricity comes back on after a black out (not very common but it can happen). To protect your  electronics from surges and power peaks, consider bringing a surge protector if you can!

Q: Is the language barrier an issue if I speak English?

A: Not at all. Almost all people speak English if you are in the West End or West Bay areas!