Diving in Roatan

Westend is a divers mecca! There are 10 PADI dive shops nearby and 40 fantastic dive sites within a max. 15min boat ride. All Westend dive shops will take you to the same fantastic dive sites in the Roatan Marine Park area. All dive shops in Westend have excellent safety records, all ask about the same price. Diving is more fun with people you like.
Instead of offering ‘save-a-dollar packages’ we base our recommendations on your level of certification, number of dives, your personal preference and what kind of diving you are planning to do. Some dive shops are social, have a lively little cafeteria attached, some have a large deck, some take you diving and let you do your own thing. Just let us know what diver you are and what you are looking for. We can narrow it down for you, then send you off to talk to the staff, check out their boats, shops, decks, schedules.